Do not let the fear of cleaning a large indoor fountain keep you from buying one. Adding one of these significant-sized pieces to your home is the easiest way to make a dynamic focal point. Will you have to clean your fountain? Absolutely! Is it a big job? Well, it is a chore, but it is not nearly the monumental project you are likely expecting it to be. The first time may feel a little awkward, but you will develop your own system, and it will become as routine as filling the water softener with salt or defrosting the old fridge you have out in the garage used for extra beverages all summer.


  • Protect the Floor - After a few times you probably will not even spill a drop anymore. The first few times you may do a little splashing. It is a good idea to lie tarps or towels down on the floor under or around the fountain, depending on if you has a wall or floor variety. If you have a water wall, move any furniture that is positioned below, or cover it up.


  • Empty It - The easiest way to empty a large piece is by siphoning it. If you use your mouth to get the flow of water going, make sure you do not swallow any of the water. Some people simply use a small plastic pail or bowl to transfer the water into a five-gallon bucket. Do not fill the bucket too high, or you might not be able to carry it out the door without spilling.


  • Clean - A mild detergent, or white vinegar and a soft sponge will generally do the trick. Never use an abrasive cleaner or sponge on any fountains, regardless of material, and never use a copper cleaner on a copper fountain with a clear or powdered coat. If you have scale, a calcium lime remover will get rid of it.


  • Rinse - Pour fresh water starting from the top of the fountain, allowing it to rinse away cleaner as it flows. It is important that all cleaner be rinsed away.


  • Empty - Now that you have soapy water in the bottom, you will need to empty this out before you fill it again.


  • Clean the Pump - Some people prefer to clean the pump first when they just remove it. It does not matter when you clean it, as long as it gets done.


  • Fill - Place the pump back inside, but make sure the fountain is refilled before you turn it back on. Ideally, you will use distilled water. However, if this is not an option, a fountain treatment should be added to the water.