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There is truly not another piece of art that can compete with the effect a luxury wall fountain has on a space. Whether placed in a home or on display or in a business or office indoor wall fountains have the unpatrolled ability to become a dynamic focal point without taking away from other elements in the surrounding environment.

Wall water fountains draw you in the second you walk into a room. The soothing sound of cascading water is complemented beautifully by the visual appeal of streams of water flowing to a bed of rocks below. Water walls instantly bring tranquility to a space and quiet the mind, which reduces stress and anxiety, thereby making them good for your health.

The indoor water features here at Luxe Water Walls are sure to bring the sophisticated elegance to your space you have been hoping for. Aside from the natural beauty and calming presence they bring to a space, they also purify and moisturize the air to make it more comfortable.

Wall water features are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, materials, and trims. You can choose from one of the thoughtfully designed prefabricated options or choose to have one customized for commercial use. We also offer many advanced features, such as autofill and autodrain kits, and you can turn your wall element into a powerful marketing tool by adding your business name or logo.

Whether you are looking for a smaller slate to add depth to your living space or a floor-to-ceiling fountain and leave a last impression on visitors to your business, you are sure to find something you love at Luxe Water Walls.

Below are our production models.  We can still customize any of the below fountains to meet your size or style requirements.