Why Luxe?

A wall fountain is a beautiful, and very personal, addition to your home or office. However, not all fountains are alike. And finding the one you want is only the first step in the process. That's why you can count on Luxe Water Walls to guide you through every step of the process from stress-free ordering to trouble-free installation.

As the exclusive reseller of Boss Fountains, we offer our customers a quality product that is designed to exacting quality standards that make them superior to many in the market.

    • Superior Water Distribution for Hassle-Free Maintenance – Many new owners of indoor waterfalls receive an unwelcome surprise when they realize they have to perform periodic maintenance to keep water flowing evenly across the entire surface. Whether it's adjusting tabs or cleaning out clogged holes, these steps can be tedious at best, and in some cases, may require a service call. HOWEVER, The distribution system on a Boss Fountain ensures that you get a complete, even sheet of water so you can literally turn it on and walk away.

    • Enduring Craftsmanship – Every Boss Fountain is manufactured and crafted in North America. Skilled artisans maintain a personal touch that ensures every Boss Fountain meets a quality standard that is the highest in the industry.

    • Capped Sides Create an Elegant Design – A distinguishing feature of Boss Fountains is capped off sides that give them clean lines and uninterrupted surfaces. There are no unsightly cords, hardware, or tubing for you to design around.

    • Made For You – When we say that we turn imagination into possibilities, we mean it. We will work with you to design a custom fountain to your exact specifications. Need to add a logo? We can do that. Need to change the lighting? We can do that. Do you need a different size, surface material, or color? We can do that? Is there anything we can't do? We haven't found it yet.

    • Direct Plumb Option – From time to time, the water in your fountain has to be replenished. Although this is not difficult, it can be a nuisance especially if your fountain has a large footprint. Boss Fountains give you the option of adding an Auto Fill/Auto Drain feature to automatically refill your fountain. All that's required is that your fountain is installed near a water supply and drain. The decision to plumb your fountain is completely up to you. Boss Fountains are designed as self-contained units so an external water source is not necessary.

    • Easy to Use – Two toggle switches control the lighting and power on the Boss Fountains. These switches are located on the lower left-hand corner of the fountains. This convenient location gives you versatile installation options because you won't have to reach up or unplug your fountain to turn off the lights or turn off your fountain.

    • Post-Purchase Support – Every Boss Fountain includes a one-year manufacturer's warranty and access to technical support by email or through a toll-free number.


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