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So what's your vision? Do you want a fountain that hangs from the ceiling? Cascades down a stairwell? Formed into the logo of your favorite sports team? Luxe Water Walls can help turn your wildest dreams into breathtaking reality. And best of all, we want you to be part of the process. Send us your information with as much description as possible. Send us a sketch, a photo, or whatever you need to help us capture your vision of the perfect indoor waterfall. A customer service representative will get in touch with you and start you on the way to the custom fountain of your dreams.

How Luxe Water Walls Turns Imagination Into Possibilities

    • We Review Your Project Specifications
      Once we get your information, we'll review everything from the materials you need to your desired location. And we'll do all of this while paying attention to your deadline and budget.

    • We Tap Our Professional Network to Find Options
      You want your water feature to make a lasting impression. So do we. So we'll reach out to our network to see what's been done. In some cases, we can save you time and money by finding an existing fountain that will only require some minor tweaks to meet your requirements.

    • We Prepare a No Surprises Quote
      We'll give you a personalized, accurate quote that will let you know when you can expect your fountain to be delivered and how much it will cost. NOTE: This is the last chance for you to make any changes to the project specifications.

    • We Begin Production
      Upon receipt of a signed proposal, we'll begin production on your fountain. Our professional customer service team will keep you informed of your project status. And of course, you can contact us anytime for updates.

    • We Deliver/Install Your Fountain
      Luxe Water Walls will not only ensure you get on-time delivery, we can provide professional installers to help with the setup of your water fountain.

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