3 Indoor Water Wall Surface Options

Posted on 24 January 2022

There are many ways to improve the interior of your home or business. One creative way to add to your home’s appearance is by adding an indoor water wall. This indoor water feature gives your space a natural touch and adds a relaxing vibe to your home or office. 

The water fountain is ideal for an all natural look in your living room or a calming sound for your office waiting room.

Here are some reasons to add indoor wall fountains to your space:

  • Visually pleasing to look at when you see them
  • Produce a calming sound when the water trickles down the fountain wall
  • Creates a positive energy in the space
  • Low maintenance overall
  • Good for feng shui purposes
  • Adds a personal touch to your interior decor

You may be surprised to know there are many different types of water features. Indoor waterfalls come in many styles and material choices. The three main types of indoor water feature options include glass, stone, and metal. And with each surface choice, you have subcategories of surface styles for the wall fountain.

Some cascading water features are basic in style. On the other hand, some waterfalls have more inclusions such as LED lights and polished river rocks. Whichever style you choose, you can rest assured your fountain will offer the gentle sound of water flow in your foyer or office space.

The following will explore these three water wall surfaces in detail as well as list some pros and cons associated with each indoor fountain.

Three Main Types of Water Wall Surfaces

As you think about what type of indoor water wall or wall-to-floor fountain to add to your home or office, here’s some information on the main surface types:

1. Glass

Glass is a smooth surface material you can choose for your indoor water fountain. Water walls with glass surfaces can be clear, painted, textured, or mirrored.

If you choose a glass surface that’s textured, just keep in mind that these types of surfaces are more difficult to clean and maintain than with smooth indoor water features. If you’re interested in upgrading to a textured glass water wall, know that you won’t really see the water run down the wall. So, if you’re looking for an indoor wall fountain for its aesthetic value, you may want to choose a different style. 

glass water feature

Also, keep in mind that it’s not the texture of the water feature that makes the soothing sound but the act of the water falling into the basin below. Therefore, if you’re choosing a textured wall water fountain so you’ll hear the calming trickling water sounds, you can choose a different option and still get the sound you crave. 

A benefit of glass water walls is that this style of indoor water fountain can be larger in size. Since glass pieces can be manufactured in larger sizes, the overall wall feature can be bigger. 

People who opt for glass style water walls often do so for the contemporary look of the overall waterfall. If you like how glass fits with your current decor, this type of indoor water feature may suit you best. Find a perfect spot for these indoor water fountains and surround them with indoor plants for a soothing, natural vibe.

2. Stone

A second popular option for indoor water wall surfaces is stone. Stone water walls are constructed from a variety of materials. Some of the main stone waterfalls are made of slate, marble, and granite. 

If a stone water wall piques your interest, you’ll likely enjoy the natural elements of this type of water wall. If it’s a smooth stone wall then you’ll find it’s pretty easy to clean. However, if you go with a textured stone style, note that maintenance and cleaning of this style wall may be a bit more involved. 

stone water feature

Stone water walls are popular since people can choose from thousands of unique pieces. Therefore, if you’re trying to match your water wall with your current interior decor, you can easily do so thanks to the options available. 

You may find that stone surfaces are limited in size. This is due to the amount and type of stones available. Therefore, if you’re looking for a large water feature to add to your home, you may want to go with a different style so you can accomplish your interior design goals. 

3. Metal

For a third surface option, consider a water wall with a metal construction. You can choose from stainless steel and copper for the material type that suits you best. Metal style waterfalls can give off an industrial chic vibe or sleek look. 

Metal style water walls may be ideal for your home or office due to the overall feel of the current decor. The classic appearance is one that will never go out of style. Plus, this material goes well with a lot of different interior designs and will be a welcome focal point in the room. Therefore, even if you want to switch up your indoor furnishings after your waterfall wall is in place, you can easily do so. 

One thing to be aware of with water features made from this material is that metal can tarnish over time. However, there are treatments you can add in order to slow the process. 

Which Water Wall Material is Right for You?

Now that you know a bit about the different water wall material options, it’s time for the decision process. So, which water feature material is right for you? 

In order to pinpoint the best indoor water feature material, consider the following:

  • Location of your water wall
  • Current decor in your home or office
  • Desired style type, such as a modern design or classic look
  • Ease of cleaning and maintaining your water feature
  • Cost
  • Size of the indoor waterfall

When you consider these various features, you can choose the indoor water wall surface that’s right for you. 

If you’re still unsure which type of water wall to choose, the best way to make your final decision is to start shopping the various options. You might find that one style catches your eye right away or it may take a little while to pinpoint the right water feature. Either way, you’re sure to zone in on a water feature that will take an ordinary interior and make it shine.

Start the search today for the ideal indoor water wall for your home or business! 

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