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Indoor Wall Fountains can be the perfect way to upgrade your décor to the next level and usher in a more relaxing pace into your home and business.  Indoor waterfalls have been one of the hottest luxury décor items of the year and due to recent upgrades; adding an indoor water feature to your home or commercial space is easier than ever.  Now your entire family can enjoy the calming effects of running water whenever you desire.


So Many Styles

Indoor water fountains come in endless styles and customization options.  This allows you to get the perfect fit for your home or office.  Choose the finish and style that best fits your décor and you are ready to start enjoying your new water feature.  If you are looking for a modern design try a metal frame.  Black or steel looks great n a modern home and Luxe Water Walls make the perfect conversation starter.

More Options

When it comes to indoor water features it is important to consider the flexibility that your water fountain offers you.  For example, you should consider a water feature with an adjustable flow; as indoor fountains may need to be quieted during certain times of the day.  You may also want a lighted fountain.  Adjustable lighting can transform your fountain into a nightlight display that is sure to inspire your guests.

Large Water Features

A large water feature can make the perfect centerpiece for your home.  Larger fountains give off a more stately appearance that radiates elegance when compared to smaller versions of the same fountain.  In the end, you will want to examine your décor expectations to decide what size fountain fit your needs.

Slate and Stone

Slate water fountains give you the ultimate in natural appeal. While slate fountains can be a bit heavier than non-slate variants, the added weight is a small price to pay for the look and feel you get from a slat unit.  Slate fountains give off a natural appeal that is sure to add a layer of relaxation to your home that cannot be denied.

Commercial Use

Adding a water feature to your waiting room or lobby is a smart move and your clients will appreciate the added attention you put forth towards their relaxation.  A water fountain can help to calm your clients prior to you speaking with them and in many instances; a water feature can be the perfect icebreaker to a long business relationship.


Today's water features give you more customization than ever before. You can literally pick everything from the material your fountain is made off down to the type of water flow experienced. Many fountains offer added customization options such as engravings.  An engraved fountain can give your business an edge in terms of professional appeal and your clients will get an aura of success when they encounter a customized water feature.


Luxe Water Walls feature low maintenance so you can enjoy your water feature longer without having to worry about cleaning and refills.  While all water fountains require some maintenance, Luxe fountains provide you with unfaltering dependability and lasting reliability that is guaranteed to keep you relaxed for many years to come.

Choosing the Perfect Water feature for Your Home or Office

Choosing the perfect water feature for your home doesn’t have to be a choir.  A little research can go a long way in helping you to determine what type of fountain best suites your needs.  Remember to consider the water usage and the splash radius as well.  All fountains produce some sort of splash and depending on what type of floor and were your fountain is placed, this could form a slipping hazard.  Avoid this situation by always checking the splash radius of your fountain and considering the traffic flow of the room.  

Water Features are Trending In The Decor World

Indoor water fountains have taken over the home décor of 2017 with multiple publications listing water features as one of the hottest trends in luxury décor.  It only takes one glimpse of these majestic fountains to see why someone would want to add one of these luxurious décor pieces to their home. 

Considering the amount of customization available to fountain owner, it just makes sense to make this the next addition to your home or office.  Your guest will appreciate this décor as much as you will.  Fountains have been an integral part of luxury décor for thousands of years and for the first time in history anyone can enjoy these beautiful centerpieces.

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