Fountain Accessories


  • If you require addional lighting or LED lighting please let us know. Our standard water walls all come with 50 watt halogens lights.

Remote Systems

  • We do offer a remote system so your fountain can be operated wireless. The remote is offered in key chain, wall switch or control base options.

Auto Fill Float Valve

  • This is a mechanical water valve which is installed inside the trough of the fountain and maintains a steady supply of water to the fountain as it evaporates. This system requires an accessible shut-off valve that can be turned on/off once a week to fill the fountain. This option is not necessary however for larger fountains this option makes adding water to your fountain easier.

Drain Pump

  • This pump is placed into the trough of the fountain to drain the water for maintenance.

Internal Drain Pump System

  • This system comes with the fountain and allows the fountain to be drained easily for maintenance. Plumbing is required in your wall space for this system (*Note: location permitting).

Polished Stones

  • Decorative stones that come in several colors: black, yellow, red, white, brown, gray and multicolor.

Fountain Maintenance Products

  • Algaecide solution: Kills and prevents algae.
  • Mineral Deposit solution: tCleans and prevents mineral deposits.
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner: High-grade cleaner for stainless steel.

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