11 Decorating "Don'ts" to Avoid in Your Home

Posted on 17 January 2017

Have you ever been out to eat, shopping, or at some event and seen somewhere wearing the most dreadful outfit that all you could think to say was, "How could they?" Well, have you ever wondered if people say that about your home? It's common to overlook decorating mistakes when they are things you look at every single day. Walk through your home with this list to see if you need to address any of these "decorating don'ts" in any of your rooms.


Toilet Rugs 

There is no good reason to have a U-shaped rug around your toilet.

Shrine of Photos 

How many frames do you need on your shelves, bookcases, dressers, end tables, and nightstands? If you have a lot of really spectacular photos, create a photo collage or buy a frame that lets you create one.

Neglected Foyer 

What's in your entryway, besides a pile of shoes and backpacks that were dropped by the kids when they arrived home? The foyer offers the first impression, so make it count.

No Water Element


Every home needs a water element. Wall mounted fountains are ideal for any home because you don't need floor or table space to accommodate them.

Cord Monsters

You probably don't even see that monster of cables growing on the side of the entertainment center, but others will definitely notice. Tidy up your cords.

Side Heavy Rooms 

Scale is something that really needs to be considered in every room. You can't have all tall and/or bulky items on one side of the room and none on the other. You'll constantly feel like you're in the back end of a sinking ship.

Overly Formal Furnishings

If you have your dining room table always formally set, decorative soaps placed on fanned towels in the bathroom, or perfectly positioned pillows and throws this is just too much. Rooms should be attractive, not fake.

Visible Clutter 

With the vast number of storage solutions available on the market today there is really no reason to ever have clutter taking away from your space.

Matching Nightmares 

Everything does not need to match. In fact, it's sort of boring if it does. Buy separate pieces so they make the space a bit more interesting. This includes bedding. If you always buy those "bed in a bag" deals with a comforter, skirt, shams, and sheets it's time to stop.


Lava lamps and neon wall clocks are just a couple of the many passing fads you don't want still lingering in your home.

Outdated Lighting 

Lighting makes a big deal in a space. Boring ceiling lights need to go. There are far too many exciting options available to deal with these eyesores.

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