Interior Design Trend: Mixed Metalics

Posted on 17 January 2017

This style became popular in 2015 and continues to be one of the most talked-about trends amongst interior designers this year. While the old school of thought dictated that metals should match, a new style of decorating says that when it comes to shiny materials, anything goes! It’s the look of luxury with an eclectic twist. Suddenly all of your light fixtures and metallic tables are free to coexist in harmony. This look requires some editing in order to strike the right balance. Follow these tips in order to expertly bring this design trend to life with mixed metallic in your home.  


Stay Neutral

Since reflective metals are so attention-grabbing, keep guests from feeling overwhelmed by sticking to a relatively neutral backdrop in the rest of the room’s décor, especially the walls. Pops of color elsewhere in the room work well, as long as you stick to one accent color, and keep the overall palette neutral enough that it doesn’t compete with the metals.

Metallic Wall Art


This trend isn’t limited to furniture and fixtures. A large water wall feature framed in copper or stainless steel will take your guest’s breath away. With water flowing over a reflective surface lit from within, this is a captivating way to incorporate a metal piece of décor that’s more than just a shiny object. This statement piece is interactive and sets a relaxing tone for the room in which everyone can relax in comfort. Echo its large frame with matching metal furniture and light fixtures and sprinkle in some metal accents in varying shades of copper and silver.  

Add Some Softness

Keep your room from feeling overwhelmed by cold, hard metals by offering some relief with warm, softly textured elements such as velvet pillows or plush wool rugs. The warm color and rustic texture of antique wood can also be a rest for the eyes in a room full of metal. Look for simple, clean-lined wooden furniture if the style of your metals is slick and contemporary. For a more relaxed, retro feel, go for antique wooden furniture and rustic vintage metal pieces which could easily be reclaimed from your grandmother’s basement and given a new stylish life.  


This trend is currently very popular in bathrooms and kitchens, with many homeowners taking the leap to swap out old elements for durable metals. If your old sink could use an update, consider incorporating a brushed metal basin (a very popular material this season). In the kitchen, revamp your workspace by adding a backsplash of metallic tiles or a new statement pendant light above the kitchen island. To change up the mood of your lighting, try contrasting the cool tone of a stunning silver chandelier by changing out its regular light bulbs with warm gold-foiled light bulbs; widely available at home improvement stores. Take a risk with materials you had never dreamed of mixing and revamp your home’s style with a fresh new energy. 

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