3 Things Guests Should See When They Enter Your Hotel

Posted on 17 January 2017

Whether you manage a hotel for a major chain or you just opened a small hotel in a popular tourist destination, a little thought should go into the décor. You have probably already spent a considerable amount of time decorating the rooms perfectly, but have you done anything with the main lobby? This often gets neglected. After all, guests are only in the lobby for a few minutes, so it probably doesn't really matter what it looks like, right? Well, keep in mind that the first few minutes when they arrive sets the tone for the experience they are expecting to have. Plus, they are handing you cash or a credit card, so they should be surrounded with a positive environment to help keep their anxiety level low.



It may seem like listing a rug is a little strange. After all, most everyone is going to put a rug in front of the door, right? Well, yes, but many will simply go with a black industrial-style rug that does nothing to create a positive outlook on the business. You don't have to stick with something that looks like it was made for a factory, and you don't have to deal with cleaning stains out of a regular rug all the time either. A decorative outdoor carpet is the perfect solution.

Tidy Front Desk

Nothing screams neglect quite like a cluttered mess all over the front desk. At least hide that mess out of view. The desk should be welcoming, as should the person working behind it. A bell is a nice touch in case someone isn't standing right there when a guest enters. You can also have candy dishes, as well as pamphlets and/or coupons to local attractions.

Business Name 

Weary travelers looking for a room for the night will pay little attention to a sign outside the building. Remind them where they are when they walk through the door, and remind them again when they leave. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with large water walls. Mount one of these one your wall with your business name or logo on it, and it will be the first thing they notice as they walk through the door. Plus, later when they want to recommend the hotel to a traveling friend, they'll remember the name of it because the image of the fountain will be still in their head.

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