4 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Glass Fountain

Posted on 17 January 2017

Glass fountains are elegant and can complement nearly any décor, color scheme, and theme imaginable. Their versatility makes them a popular choice for residential and business use. However, like other fountains made of other materials, they can also take away from the look, if they are not properly cared for. Glass fountains don't require any more maintenance and care than other varieties, but you do need to be prepared to give your water feature at least a little attention. Below are some mistakes you want to avoid to preserve the life of your glass fountain, and keep it looking great.


Cleaning with Cheap Glass Cleaner

Don't think that awful streaks and spots won't be noticeable just because there is water running down the face of the fountain. It will make a difference. Make sure the glass is streak-free when it is cleaned.

Spot Cleaning While Powered On

You spot nose art from your dog on your glass fountain just minutes before guests are scheduled to arrive. So, you reach for window cleaner and just spray some on, actually thinking it will travel through the flow of water to reach the spot. No, it's probably not going to hit the spot. Plus, you just added chemicals to the water which will throw off the pH balance. Also, that paper towel you tried to clean the spot with has now broken apart into many wet pieces that are floating in the basin of water. If you see a spot, just turn the water off and clean it with a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water.

Forgetting About Evaporation 

You can't just fill your fountain with water and forget about it. The water will constantly evaporate, and it will do so at different rates throughout the year, depending on the temperature and humidity. Check the fill line of your glass water wall daily, and add water as needed. If you originally filled with distilled water then you will want to continue to fill with distilled. You never want to let the water dip below the fill line because then the pump can't properly do its job, and you risk ruining it.

Neglecting the Pump 

Some people get so wrapped up in making sure their water fountain is spotless that they "forget" to clean the pump. Don't neglect this valuable component just because you saved it for last, and then don't feel like dealing with it. The pump is what makes your water wall the masterpiece that it is, so take care of it.

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