5 Factors That Have a Negative Effect On Your Fountain

Posted on 17 January 2017

Water features are generally considered luxury purchases for most people. While you need to buy a toilet for the bathroom or a fridge for the kitchen, you want to buy a water element for the home that will be the topic of conversation.  Luxury purchases are special. These are things you really want, but you may have to save up for, or work an extra shift every pay period to cover the expense of. Therefore, these are décor elements that you really want to take extra special care of to help them last as long as possible. Below are a few things that could shorten the life of your water element.


Poor Mounting

The mounting process is a step that you absolutely must get right. If there is a bracket it has to be used. You can't guess at where the studs are or "eyeball" the bracket to hope it is level. An unsecure bracket could result in your fountain crashing. It could result in injury, and it will definitely result in a mess. Alternately, a crooked water wall will affect water flow.

Tap Water 

There are a lot of minerals in tap water. These can be built up on the surface of your piece and cause unsightly white scale and hard water stains. Ideally, distilled water will get used. If this is not possible or practical, use a water treatment product that works with regular tap water.

Not Maintaining the Water Level 

The quickest way to ruin a pump is to allow the water level to drop. The pump can't do its job if it is not full submerged.

Using Harsh Cleaners 

You may look at a slate fountain, and think there is absolutely nothing that can ruin such a strong material. Well, slate is indeed very durable, but a harsh cleaner or abrasive sponge can scratch away the beautiful finish, leaving it looking dull. There is no reason to ever use these products. in most cases, a mixture of white distilled vinegar and water will work nicely. For real troublesome spots, a calcium lime remover and soft sponge will become your best friend.

Not Cleaning Frequently 

Your water feature has to be cleaned routinely for it to look beautiful and operate properly. Create a cleaning schedule and stick with it. Made sure you thoroughly clean the pumps and tubing every time, too.

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