5 Must Haves for Your New Yoga Studio

Posted on 17 January 2017

Guiding people to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes is incredibly rewarding, so if you are opening a new yoga studio you're probably feeling pretty anxious to get started. Everything has to be perfect. You had to go through extensive training to get to where you are, and you can't wait to start your next journey. There aren't necessarily any rules to follow when decorating your studio, but there are definitely some essentials that you absolutely must have.


Calming Colors 

There is a reason why you don't walk into a yoga studio and see bright red, orange, or yellow walls. You need calming colors. This doesn't mean you have to stick with neutrals though. You can go with pale shades of purple, blue, green, gray, etc. If your studio will have multiple rooms, feel free to use different colors in each one, if you want a little variety, but you certainly don't have to.

Mass Amount of Mirrors

Form is very important in yoga. You are confident with your form because you know what you're doing. New, and even somewhat experienced, practitioners will rely on mirrors to check their form. You need at least one full wall of mirrors, but if you can do more than this that's even better. This way, people will have a good view from anywhere in the room.

Commercial Water Walls


Are water elements really as important as everyone says they are? Yes! Commercial water walls are ideal for all types of businesses, but they are an essential in yoga studios. One should be near the entrance. This will help visitors transition from the chaotic outside world to the peaceful environment inside. This one should have your logo or business name on it. Then, you can also add fountains to the individual rooms, as well.

Lockers or Cubbies

Unlike gyms that typically have large locker rooms, not all yoga studios have this amenity. Many just have a small bathroom. For a larger studio that will have multiple classes at the same time or class times overlapping between instructors, you should offer lockers. If you are opening a smaller studio that will only have one class at a time, you can probably get away with just building some cubbies on the wall for people to put their car keys, phone, etc. in so everything isn't piled on the table.

Quality Mats 

You are probably going to recommend that practitioners to have their own mat, primarily for sanitary purposes, especially if you are offering heated yoga. Keeping up with cleaning several mats every day will take a lot of time. However, there are always going to be people who pop in, or simply want to make sure they like yoga before investing in the proper gear. Have quality mats available for them to use.

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