5 Steps to a Classy Eclectic Dining Room

Posted on 17 January 2017

Do you constantly say you would do a lot more entertaining if only you have a dining room that was entertain-worthy? For some reason the dining room is often the room in the house that gets really neglected, when it comes to decorating. Some people exhaust a tremendous amount of attention, money, and energy into the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, but never get around to doing anything with the dining room other than tossing a table and chairs in there. If your dining room is as worthy of attention as other rooms in your home, you may find yourself looking for excuses to plan more dinner parties. You might even sit at the table and eat when you're all alone! When is the last time you actually did that? Follow these steps to creating a dining room that is as classy as it is eclectic for a very unique look.


Farm-style Table

Rather than go with a traditional dining room table with matching chairs, try to find a large wood farm-style table. If it has a bench that would be great to put on one side, but you don't need to have one. You really don't want benches on both sides either. The eclectic look is all about mixing things up. One of these tables will be more than large enough to entertain friends. You may even be able to find an old beat up one at a yard sale that you can refinish.

Mixed Seating 

As mentioned, you want to try to avoid having matching seats all the way around. Obviously, if you have a bench, it can go on one side and then a hodgepodge of chairs can go on the other side and at the ends. Otherwise, just do mixed chairs around the entire thing.

White Hemp or Organic Cotton Runner

There is no need to put a tablecloth on that gorgeous table, but it is nice to dress it up a bit. A simple white table runner made of either hemp or organic cotton will look elegant yet simple.

Wall Fountains


For some reason, you rarely see wall fountains in dining rooms. This is rather unfortunate because this is really the best room to put them. Wall fountains create a calming energy. Guests will be in no hurry to finish their food. They'll be perfectly content just sitting there and relaxing. Plus, if you have loud neighbors or live in a high-traffic area the cascading water will help hide some of the noise.

White Side Table 

Rather than go with a wood side table that could take away from your beautiful farm table opt for a glossy white table instead. If you are short on storage space, look for one with doors or drawers. When the table isn't filled with dishes and punch bowls it can hold vases of flowers or your herb garden.

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