5 Steps to Your Gorgeous Gray Bedroom

Posted on 17 January 2017

Gray? Who wants a gray bedroom? Gray is the color of your favorite pair of sweatpants you can't even think about parting with. People really want the color of sweatpants in their bedroom? Yup! They sure do, and it's fabulous! Gray has such a cloud hanging over it, which could be because it's the color of mean storm clouds. It's just a color that has never really had its time in the spotlight. After all, it's just a stepping stone between white and black, right? Well, gray may not have been a color you would dream about decorating your bedroom with in the past, but it sure is now. Once you see a bedroom done right in this shade, you will understand why people are getting so hooked.


Choose Your Shades

There are an enormous number of gray shades. To create a gorgeous room, you are going to need to select a few. The good news is they all match, so you can't go wrong with any. The bad news is there are so many shades that narrowing them down to even a dozen can be a challenge. Try to choose a nice mix of light, medium, and dark shades. This will create more depth in the room.

Decide on Furniture

If you already have furniture, you'll be able to skip this. If your furniture is wood, you may want to incorporate a little cream into your color scheme with the gray to blend nicer with the wood. If you are buying new furniture then white, black, or cream is ideal. Keep it simple. The shades of gray will already create a lot of depth, so you don't need any furniture with a lot of chiseled designs.

Make a Headboard

Before you go spending money on a headboard, consider making one instead. This is easily done with a thin piece of wood or a painter's canvas. Just fasten material to it. If you want a plush headboard, glue sponge or foam on it under the fabric. A gray velvet material would be beautiful. You can also use this opportunity to incorporate a print into your space.

Dynamic Focal Point


In a room like this, you really don't need a lot of art. You want to let the various shades set the tone for the room, but you do need a focal point, as well. It should demand attention, but not take away from anything else. Indoor water features are perfect. The cascading water naturally attracts attention, and it also creates a very soothing atmosphere. Slate indoor water features have subtle lines that will add to the depth of the room.

Add the Details

If you are adding decorative pillows to the bed, opt for a variety of sizes, shades, and fabrics. If you haven't already used a print on the headboard, use it in a few pillows. Sheer gray curtains will bring softness to the room, too. You really don't need much more, but a tabletop bio ethanol fireplace would be a nice finishing touch.

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