6 Dining Room Design Ideas for an Open Floorplan

Posted on 17 January 2017

Open floorplans are becoming increasingly popular, but they can come with their own design challenges. If someone can sit at the table in the dining room, and see into the living room and kitchen then these three "rooms" need to somehow complement one another. Here are a few tips to make that happen.


Avoid the Perfect Match 

Many folks assume that since the space is open that only one color palette, pattern, or theme can be used throughout. This is not absolutely necessary. It can even make the area feel smaller and disconnected because there is no definition. You can pick primary and secondary colors, and change their level of importance in every room.

Wall Mounted Water Features for Dining Room


Sometimes, the easiest way to create definition is to just add a dynamic focal point that makes that space the dominant room of the three. Wall mounted water features for dining room decorating are ideal. Choose one that consumes a lot of wall space and center the table in front of it, if you can. By placing it in this central location it can also be enjoyed by those in the kitchen and living room.


Rugs are a really easy way to create "rooms" when you don't have any. Some people also look at rugs as the opportunity to incorporate a bold color or pattern into their space.


If you want to create an actual dining room that feels separate from the rest of the space, consider using dividers, such as trifold screens and double-sided bookcases.

Cohesive Light Fixtures 

You may want these rooms to have definition, but they are still very connected. The light fixtures do not have to match throughout, but they definitely should complement one another. Lighting plays a key role in the look and feel of your space, so take the time to get this right. Have a few options with dimmers, so you can easily create the ambiance you are after.


Lush greenery brings life to the entire space. The planters also give you the opportunity to take full advantage of your color palette. You could put ferns in one room, cacti in another, and fresh flowers in the third, or you can mix and match and just scatter a variety of plants throughout for a flowing, energetic feel.

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