6 Helpful Tips for Setting Up Your Fountain

Posted on 17 January 2017

There are few purchases you can make for your home that are as exciting as a water feature. Taking the time to set up your fountain right the first time is imperative. Sure, it will come with instructions, but this guide will allow you to be a little better prepared before it even arrives, and you may find helpful tips not mentioned in the instructions.

Buy the Right Fountain 

This may sound silly, but the entire fountain experience begins with purchasing the right one. Are you buying one based on how you feel when you look at it or because it will complement your space? If it speaks to you, but doesn't match your home, will you be willing to redecorate? If it matches your home now, will it still look great in the future when you redecorate it? Timeless pieces made of slate are a smart choice because they can complement nearly any décor.


Make Sure You Have All the Pieces 

When your package arrives, you need to make sure every part is there. If you have ever put together a bed or dresser only to discover you were missing one of the last pieces then you know how frustrating this can be.

Mount Properly 

If you are buying a wall-mounted water feature then the importance of making sure it is properly mounted cannot be stressed enough. If it has a mounting bracket it absolutely needs to be used. Keep in mind that the fountain will be significantly heavier once it is filled with water. You will want to use a stud finder, and more importantly a level will be needed. Make sure, the bracket is perfectly level. Even a small variation can affect water flow and compromise the beauty of your fountain.


Take the time to make sure the placement is exactly where you want it. Water features do best on a wall by themselves because they attract so much attention. You also don't want to mount it too high or too low.

Clean It

Even though your fountain is brand new it is not a bad idea to give it a quick cleaning. Run water through the pump and tubing, too.


Install the pump and tubing first. Your instructions will probably have a diagram showing the best placement for the pump. Make sure that is not actually touching a side of the basin or once you turn it on it will likely vibrate and cause undesirable noise. Fill the fountain using distilled water, or use tap water with a special treatment product. 

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