6 Ways to Create a Modern Classic Space

Posted on 17 January 2017

If you have always had a hard time trying to find your place in the design world then you will appreciate how in style modern classic spaces are. Some people aren't attracted to modern homes, but they do love some modern elements. Then, there are those who love classic rooms, but often struggle at pulling the look off without looking dated. If either of these sounds like you then a modern classic space may be exactly what you need. If you're starting with a clean slate put this look together with the following elements.


  1. Neutral Base - No, neutral is not boring, as long as it's done right. Neutral shades are ideal with this look because they don't favor the classic or modern look. These shades adapt to both themes perfectly. You don't have to stick with one neutral shade though. Feel free to paint the walls different shades to add depth.
  2. Pale Blue Velvet Sofa - This sofa is going to bring the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort to the room. Modern rooms often appear cold, so the perfect sofa is essential. Opt for a classic style in a traditional size. You don't want it too streamlined, nor do you want it oversized.
  3. White Chair - It doesn't matter if you go with a modern chair style or an older one. A white chair will bring a modern flare to the furnishings. Leather or imitation leather will save you from constantly having to get the upholstery cleaner out.
  4. Water Walls - There are few décor pieces that actually fall in both modern and classic categories, but fountains do. You won't have to worry about struggling to select the perfect art piece to be the focal point. Your water feature will naturally do this for you, and water walls can find their place in both classic and modern spaces.
  5. Glass Coffee Table - Rather than try to decide whether to go with a rustic wood table or modern black one skip them both and get a glass table. It will serve a purpose without taking away from the beautiful furniture you selected. Plus, whatever you place on top will become the focus rather than the table itself.
  6. Coffee Table Books - What looks better on a glass table than coffee table books? If you're not a big reader or can't decide which ones to get, choose those with hard covers that look as beautiful as the room.

Now that you have the most important elements, sprinkle in a bit of the rest. Consider a large cream rug, silver lamps, turquoise and white throw pillows, and floor-to-ceiling sheers. 

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