7 Ways to Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Home

Posted on 17 January 2017

Sometimes, the most beautiful elements in a home are décor pieces that are natural. Art doesn't always have to be comprised of bold colors and abstract designs to get noticed. Below are a few ways you can decorate your home using natural elements.


Sea Shells

Fill a glass vase with seashells, and you'll have a nice element to use as a centerpiece on your table or to place on an end table or shelf. You can also pour in water and add a few fresh cut flowers to the shell-filled vase.

Slate Water Walls 


Interior decorators love using slate water walls because they are about the closest you are going to get to have a real waterfall in your home. Slate water walls also allow you to add a water element to your space, so you are essentially covering two materials with one sensational piece of beneficial art.


There are a lot of things you can do with branches, and the type of branch needs to be considered. Thin ones are great for floral arrangements or to twine in piles to place on a fireplace mantle or dining room table. Thick ones can be smoothed on the bottom and hollowed to use as votive holders.

Pine Cones 

These can also be used in a variety of ways. Similar to shells, pinecones can be placed in a vase. You can also paint the entire pine cone or just take a paint brush to the tips. These can be put in decorative dishes and mixed with other elements, like acorns, pebbles, and even pistachios.


Pumpkins should not be reserved solely for Halloween. These can make interesting pieces of art when spray painted. Alternately, mini white pumpkins paired with shelled walnuts or pistachios and other nuts work well together to create an intriguing centerpiece.

Tree Stump Furniture 

It doesn't get much more natural than a tree stump. You can find everything from four-post beds to dining room tables made from stumps, but the piece you buy doesn't have to be so big. A small tree stump table will definitely get noticed without taking over the entire space.


In the fall there is a good chance you already decorate with Indian corn. Even the husks can be used artistically. You might even paint them gold for a more glamorous display. Well, have you ever considered decorating with dried corn kernels? Use glue to cover a vase or decorative box. They can also create an unexpected display poured in a vase, just like the shells and pinecones. 

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