8 Weekend Renovating and Redecorating Projects

Posted on 17 January 2017

Some people hear the words "renovating" and "redecorating" and imagine a lengthy process of having contractors in the house and zero privacy. You don't have to give your home an entire overhaul at one time. There are plenty of projects that can be done on a weekend, most of which you can handle on your own, if you feel like it.


Paint Furniture 

A new coat of paint can make any piece of furniture exciting again. You may even want to get a few stencils or paint pens to create patterns or designs.

Install Water Elements for the Home 


You've been talking about buying water elements for the home for a while. It is time to actually do it. The sound and visual display will completely transform the look and feel of any room they are added to.

Dipped Plant Pots 

Want to add a pop of springtime color to your home without a long-term commitment? Buy terra cotta pots and dip the bottom half in color. You can also get a lot more creative and paint designs on them, if you want. When they are dry transplant your plants. You could do this in the winter, too, with snowmen and snowflakes.

Remove Cupboard Doors 

You have seen the look in magazines; now is the time to own it. Remove those kitchen cupboards, and put everything on display. You may want to paint the inside a bold color or add removable wallpaper with a fun pattern to make them more exciting.

Spruce Up Your Exterior Entryway 

The inside of your home has a beautiful entryway, but is the exterior sending a different message? Maybe it's time to paint the door a different color or add new hardware. Add a bench and some plants, and don't forget a little outdoor lighting near the door and around the walkway to increase safety and highlight your home's architecture.

Install Molding 

Crown molding could be the finishing touch your home needs. You don't have to stick with a traditional approach. If you want vertical molding for a defining touch then go for it.

Kitchen Backsplash 

Is your kitchen feeling a little dull? Maybe it's time for a glass or ceramic backsplash.

Transform a Closet into an Office 

Does your home not have an office? Or, maybe now the kids have a lot more homework since they're in high school, so you can use an extra study space. Transforming a closet into a functional workspace is simpler than you think.

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