All About Your Fountain's Pump

Posted on 17 January 2017


Fountain pumps don't get nearly the praise they deserve. Every person stops to look at a fountain is checking out the beautiful material or trim, or simply admiring the graceful curves created by the flow of the water. Well, beyond the surface beauty is the pump, which really is the heart of your water wall. Without it, you have a basin full of stagnant water. Without it there is no calming sound or beautiful display. There is no outside noise masked or improved air quality. The pump is the most important component of your fountain and should be given the attention that it deserves.    


Maintain the Water Level  

One of the easiest things you can do to keep your pump in good working condition is to make sure the water level never drops below the recommended fill line. The pump must be fully submerged to do its job properly. Of course, water also evaporates constantly, and many don't realize that is evaporates at different speeds throughout the year. So, you may barely have to fill it all summer, but it could need topped off several times a week during the winter. Get in the habit of checking the water level daily.  

Clean it Thoroughly  

You don't have to wait until your scheduled fountain cleaning day to give the pump a good scrubbing. Many people prefer to clean their pump at least once in between full cleanings. If there is a removable plastic cover take it off so you can clean inside. Keep an old toothbrush on hand for this purpose. It will be able to get into all those small crevices. Soaking the pump in a solution of vinegar and water or water and dishwashing soap will make it easier to clean.  

Don't Forget the Tubing

The pump is important, but so is the tubing. Soaking the tube in one of the solutions mentioned above will make it easier to clean. A pipe cleaner can help get build up off the inside. Always make sure you run water through the tubing until the water runs out free of soap.  

Leave it Running  

Turning your fountain off is a huge mistake. The only time you want to do this is if you are taking a vacation, and emptying and cleaning it before you go. The pump is designed to run 24/7. Turning it off to go to work, sleep, etc. forces it to work harder when you do turn it back on again. 

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