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Posted on 17 January 2017

If you’re running a business, chances are you’re too busy preparing for your next public event to spend time overseeing every detail of it. Ultimately, you want the event to run smoothly and professionally. A huge part of maintaining a good business image is ensuring the public image you put forth represents your business and really makes an impact. If you’re willing to spend a bit more time or money on decorating your event well, you’ll achieve that “Wow!” factor and demonstrate to your employees and clients just how important they are to you. You owe your business to those who support you, so why not go that extra mile to give them something back?


Initial Planning Checklist

Before you get to the fun stuff, make sure you have taken care of these initial steps:

    1. Establish the goal of the event.
    2. Establish a budget based on your goal.
    3. Choose a theme.
    4. Find and book a venue.
    5. Contact and secure potential sponsors.
    6. Book a caterer.
    7. Book an audio / visual technician and/or rent equipment.
    8. Book a DJ.
    9. Advertise.
    10. Décor. If you’re not already exhausted, now it’s time to plan the décor! If you’ve hired a professional for this step, you will still need to consult with them to determine the right look and ensure that the project stays on budget, which is the part where a lot of businesses encounter snags and miscommunications. Here are a few suggestions to achieve impressive and professional-looking ambiance for your next event that will make a great impression:

    Water Feature


    To step up the “Wow!” factor when your guests first enter the room, consider a custom fountain. It attracts attention because it’s constantly in motion, and creates the kind of relaxing ambiance that makes people want to linger at the event. Water features come in many sizes and finishes and can be customized with your company’s logo. Invest in a good quality water feature embossed with your company name and you’ll be able to use it for years to come at all of your future events. You’ll save money which you would otherwise spend renting disposable décor year after year.

    Ice Sculpture

    Another very impressive piece of décor to include at your next event is an ice sculpture. This is a perfect choice if you’re planning a formal evening event. And, of course, if the weather is cool enough to give your guests a chance to “Ooh...” and “Aah…” before it melts!


    The right flower arrangement can make or break the overall look of your event. Make sure to hire a trusted professional and be clear about your budget and desired aesthetic based on the theme. Green walls or “living walls” are currently a very popular trend in decorating, and can provide a large and visually stunning display which can incorporate your company logo. Keep in mind that a live arrangement will require significant maintenance in order to keep it looking fresh.

    Gift Bags

    Give your patrons and employees a little extra token of your appreciation. They will walk away with a gift that creates a lasting impression and can be enjoyed well after the event is over. Contact your caterer to see if they provide any edible treats which can be customized with your company logo for guests to take home. Many companies offer candies and cookies that can be customized with a corporate logo, either on the treat itself or printed on the packaging.

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