Custom VS Pre-Made WaterWall Fountains

Posted on 27 February 2017

Indoor waterfall fountains might be one of the most elegant pieces that you could add to your home. The simple sight of a sheet of water crashing down is enough to stop most people in their tracks. A controlled indoor waterfall will certainly make for an interesting focal point in any room. This is why indoor waterfall fountains have been steadily rising in popularity. There are so many different designs and options that you could work with, so people can easily find what they want. For the more selective clientele, the option of custom fountains always remains open. What are the pros and cons of custom vs. premade? How will you decide which one to opt for? We will be talking more about these questions in the article below!


Custom – pros

As is usually the case, going custom can mean that more of your needs are met. You can work with the manufacturer to ensure that they are using the exact products that you want. If you want a fountain that requires less maintenance, you can tell the manufacturer that. They will work with you to choose quality materials that do not need to be cleaned as often as others. As well, if you want something to fit in a particular area in your home, that does not have to be a problem. All you would need to do is measure the area, and send the dimensions to your chosen manufacturer. All these beneficial options make it much easier to craft the exact piece that you were picturing.


Custom – cons

Custom waterfall fountains are literally made to give you exactly what you want. This means that the end result will come at a much higher price. This is because there are so many additional variable costs to consider. The materials need to be high-quality, and possibly shipped in from far away. The workers need to be specially trained to do what you are looking for. They are used to making the same premade fountain, so you will be giving them extra work. As well, this will take more time. You will be paying the workers for the extra time that was put into making your fountain. In addition to this, you will be waiting longer for your piece to be completed. Every little detail must be hammered out before construction can even begin.


Premade – pros

Buying a premade fountain is much simpler than getting one custom made. All you need to do is walk into a store, and tell the manager approximately what you are looking for. They will then show you several models, and you can choose the one that fits your needs the closest. You do not need to worry about getting every small detail perfectly right, which would cause you a lot of stress. This whole process will take less time overall. As well, if you have the same model as someone else, it is easier for you to diagnose a possible issue that you see with the fountain. It is much more likely that another person would have noticed the same issue that you did, so it will be quicker to get it resolved.


Premade – cons

A major con to buying a premade waterfall fountain is that it will be lacking your individual touch. It will be just like the one you saw in the store, with no variety or interesting features about it. As well, it will not fit your needs as accurately as a custom model would have. If it does not quite fit in the space that you wanted it to, there is nothing you can do about it. If it uses more water than you would have liked, you just have to deal with it. There will be no opportunity for you to modify it the way that you would have liked. Another con is that the quality of work might not be as good as it could have been. Not as much time was taken to create it, and the materials were not chosen based on their level of quality. All this can lead to a sub-standard end product.


So which one to choose?

Whichever option you choose depends on your unique situation. If you are willing to put more money into the perfect piece for your home, do not be afraid to go custom. If that fountain is the exact focal point that you needed to complete the room, then it will be a good investment for you. It will make the room look great, and you will feel happy every time that you look at it. On the other hand, if you are more concerned about your budget, then custom might not be the best way to go. If you are not comfortable spending a large amount on a single fountain, then you would be better off checking out some awesome premade fountains. They do not have to be absolutely perfect to make an improvement to your home. Making wise financial decisions is the key component when it comes to choosing between custom and premade.


Premade fountains and custom fountains each have their own individual pros and cons. You might prefer one method over the other for a particular reason. However, they both have their own merits, and both are reasonable options. Either way, you will be ending up with a gorgeous indoor waterfall fountain in your home. The path that you took to get that fountain seems much less significant when you are admiring the finished product. If you are still unsure about which route to take, go over your options. Make your own pros and cons list, and see which side outweighs the other. Check out some premade models that are available for sale in the store. Visit with a custom fountain manufacturer and have a conversation about what you are looking for. In the end, the right choice will be made clear to you, and you will be able to proceed.   

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