The Biggest Indoor Luxury Décor Trends of 2017

Posted on 20 November 2017

Keeping your home looking luxurious can be a choir and staying up to date with emerging trends can be extremely time-consuming.  This year has been an exciting one in terms of new décor trends with new high tech and green options hitting the scene on a daily basis.  Each year offers a new opportunity to tweak your current décor to a new updated design.  This year is no different with a plethora of new and space-age luxury décor items now widely available to consumers.  Below are some of the most popular luxury décor trends of 2017

Ethanol Fireplace

An ethanol fireplace can be the perfect addition to your homes décor.  These vent-less and green fire features produce heat and real flames.  They come in a wide variety of selection including fireplace replacements and tabletop units.  Ethanol burns clean so you do not need to worry about the smoke and suite usually produced by traditional wood-burning fireplaces. 

ethanol fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces produce a decent amount of supplemental heat and adding one to your bedroom or kitchen can be the perfect way to increase the coziness of the room.  You can easily move a lightweight table top version to whatever room you are currently in and ethanol is less expensive than natural gas alternatives.

Indoor Water Feature

Indoor water fountains gained popularity in 2017 due to an improvement in the styling and functionality of many popular designs.  Customization options have also made indoor water features unique by allowing homeowners to get the perfect water fountain to fit their needs.  Many units now offer lighting and wireless control options as well. 

wall water feature

Flowing water has been proven to lower stress levels in humans and adding a water fountain to your indoor décor can be one of the best ways to give your home an added touch of luxury.  The sound of flowing water can be enough to spark an interesting conversation between your guests and all are sure to enjoy the added tranquility that is provided by the addition of a luxurious water feature. 

Natural Colors and mixed Metals

Natural colors are the rage at the moment with colors such as kale, warm nude, and hazelnut all toping this year's lists.  There has been a strong push towards greeny-yellows this year.  These colors have a very natural appeal making them attention-grabbing but also relaxing at the same time.

Mixed Metals are also on the trending topics list this year as copper, chrome, silver, and polished nickel have all seen a strong comeback in the world of luxury décor.  This modern industrial feel should be extended to functioning items of décor such as metal vases or trays.  This will add to your modern appeal and keep your home looking great.

Modern Minimalism

Modern minimalism continues to dominate the luxury home décor sector with stylish but functional leading the pack.  Smaller living spaces with high tech comfort are predicted.  This approach is also reflected in hiding and folding furniture designs that can be camouflaged until they are needed.


Artist furniture is always high on the luxury décor list with your furniture making a bold statement about your décor direction.  Even the smallest cabinet can guide your guests decoratively in the direction you intend.  Chairs, planters, and cocktail cabinets all offer you the chance to add to your decors overall impact.

Boutique Feel

Gathering your décor from your travels is always one of the best ways to ensure your home always has a worldly feel to it.  This can also inspire guests to get lost in imagining the adventures each piece of furniture or décor has attached to it.

Staying Up on The Latest Trends

While nobody can revamp their décor every year, it is nice to add a few updates per season.  Little details such as the additions listed above can go a long way in transforming your home into the relaxation zone your desire.  Remember that less is more when speaking in terms of modern minimalistic décor. 


There is no reason to be shy when experimenting with your homes décor and items such as ethanol fireplaces or water features can make a bold statement without the need for expensive installations.  Décor experts predict a hard push towards comfort-adding functional décor.   Be original and add your own personality to the tips listed above and you are guaranteed to end up with a home that fills your luxurious desires.

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