Tips for Designing an All American Great Room

Posted on 17 January 2017

Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, if a great room is included in your plans then you want it to be spectacular. This is the room that should have one of the biggest impacts on guests. It should be stylish yet inviting. Above all, it needs to be functional and comfortable. After all, there is no point having a great room, if no one wants to sit in there. If you want to build one that will leave a lasting impression, consider including some of these elements and tips.  


Wall-mounted Water Features for Home


If you are going to add a show-stopping water element to your home it might as well be in a room everyone will either be in or pass through. The great room is perfect! You can buy wall-mounted water features for home decorating in a variety of sizes and styles. The sound will create a soothing environment and the beautiful visual display will provide a natural focal point  


Gathering in front of a cozy fire just sounds right for a great room, doesn't it? Of course, there is nothing appealing about breathing in toxic fumes, maintaining a dirty wood pile, and being forced to constantly poke at it to keep it burning. A bio ethanol fireplace would be a much better option. If you already have a wood-burning one, you can easily convert it using an insert.  

Fabulous Lighting

Ideally,yo ur great room will have large windows that drink in the natural light. However, the sun does go down eventually and unless you turn into a pumpkin when this happens there is a good chance you will do some entertaining in the evening. Take down that dated ceiling fan and suspend a modern mid-century shell pendant or an ornate chandelier in its place.  

Soft Blankets

You may have unbelievably comfortable furniture, but nothing beats the feel and comfort of a soft throw blanket. Splurge a little extra on blankets that will wash well and retain their softness without pilling.  

Side Tables

Most people place seating around a large coffee table. This is great, but sometimes it is a little more comfortable to have a table right next to you for your drink, so you don't have to sit forward in your chair, hunched over to reach your drink. Only add side tables if there is enough space. It's more important to have clear aisles than it is to have extra tables. 

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