4 Steps to a Vibrant Contemporary Condo

Posted on 17 January 2017

Most people hear the word "contemporary," and immediately think of black and/or white décor. Contemporary can be colorful, and it can also be neutral. It is more about the furnishings you choose than the colors. These tips will give your condo a contemporary feel you won't be able to wait to show off.



Don't overdo it in the kitchen, especially if it is a little on the small side. If your condo is new or has been renovated, you may already have slate counters and European-style cupboards. You may want to take the doors off a couple cupboards for a modern appeal. Use thoughtful storage solutions to give everything a home, so you don't have clutter on the counters. Switch that boring ceiling light for track lighting, and suspend contemporary pendant lights above your island or breakfast bar.

Dining Room

Although you may have an actual dining room, in most cases, condos have a dining area adjacent to the kitchen. It is also probably technically part of your living room, so make sure it complements the décor in there, as well. If you want more definition use a room divider. Lighting is very important, so make it glamorous. A chandelier or pendant will act as a floating centerpiece for the table. A wall bio ethanol fireplace is ideal for this area. This will allow you to create ambiance at your dinner parties. Plus, you won't have to worry about picking out a piece of wall art that will match all three rooms.

Living Room 


Choose your living room furniture thoughtfully. Avoid furniture sets and choose standalone pieces instead. A streamlined sofa and bean bag chair work well together. Mix-and-match your tables, too, and don't be afraid to incorporate a variety of woods and metals into the space. Keep things simple, but play with different textures and patterns. You need a strong focal point that will attract the attention of those in your living room and dining room. Customized water walls are perfect. The cascading water will be the first thing guests notice, and since the piece is customized it will be designed specifically for your space. Customized water walls naturally become the center of attention without trying too hard or overshadowing other elements. If you have the floor space, float your furniture away from the walls, but make sure your main sofa has a commanding view of the door and the rest of the room.

Master Suite

Platform beds emerged on the scene years ago, and have not lost one ounce of popularity. If the room is a little small choose a platform bed with storage, so you can eliminate one dresser. Again, avoid a furniture set. Your room will look more interesting if you mix unique pieces together. Keep everything streamlined, and make sure there is no clutter on the dressers.

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