5 Things to Keep in Mind About Wall Fountain Maintenance and Care

Posted on 17 January 2017

If you are like many others, you dream about adding a large wall fountain to your home or business. Maybe you have even come close to ordering one, but the thought of taking care of it chases you away. Most assume maintaining a large piece will be a lot of work simply because it looks as though it will be. However, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you can remember these helpful tips it will make maintenance and care significantly easier.


Make a Cleaning Schedule - If you don't physically write it on a calendar or tell Siri to remind you there is a good chance you won't remember exactly when your fountain is due to be cleaned. With busy schedules, it is often impossible to try to remember exactly when you did it last, too. If you wait until you notice or smell that the water is dirty then you have waited far too long. The wall fountain will be harder to clean and the pump will already be working harder than it should have to. If you schedule a day to do it in advance then you have no excuse. Treat it like any other appointment in your schedule.

Check the Water Level Daily - The water in your fountain will evaporate. If you live in a very humid area the water level won't drop as quickly. If you are in a dry location or running your heat or air-conditioning then evaporation will be more noticeable. It is vital that the water level remain at the fill line, so the pump stays submerged. Get in the habit of just checking it daily as part of your morning or bedtime routine.

Don't Over Fill the Bucket - Most people use 5 gallon buckets when emptying their wall fountain. Make sure you don't fell these to the top. First, they will be extremely heavy. Second, you will likely spill a lot from splashing just trying to make it out the door.

Always Clean the Pump - The pump and tubing are essentially the heart and veins of your fountain. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they can be neglectful. Soak the tubing and use an old toothbrush to clean all crevices in the pump.

Use a Special Water Treatment Product - Ideally, you will fill your wall fountain with distilled water. You will also keep distilled water on-hand to maintain the fill line. This is not very practical for a fountain of significant size. The next best thing is to use is a special water treatment product that works with regular tap water to prevent hard water stains.

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