Tips for Commercial Water Fountain Maintenance and Care

Posted on 17 January 2017

Welcoming a commercial water fountain to your business is probably a decision you put a lot of thought into. Maybe you have heard how beneficial these art pieces can be to a business, but you are still trying to decide whether to get one, or not. After all, your schedule is packed from morning to night, so you can't dedicate a lot of time to maintaining one. Well, although they do require proper maintenance and care, you will find that they are not the burden you may be expecting. These tips will come in handy.


Start with Proper Installation

If your commercial water fountain is large it is vital that it be provided with adequate support. Making sure the water feature is level is extremely important. Don't think that a small variation won't make much difference because it will. The water won't flow properly, which can result in splashing. It will also likely result in you being forced to empty and remount it. Make sure it is right the first time to save you a lot of extra work.

Distilled Water or Special Treatment

Fountain manufacturers always recommend distilled water because it stays clean longer. It is the minerals in tap water that causes hard water stains. If using distilled water is just too inconvenient for you then use a special treatment product designed to work with regular tap water.

Don't Wait Until the Fountain Looks Dirty to Clean It

It is very important that you create a cleaning schedule for your commercial water feature. You don't want to wait until the water looks filthy or a customer complains about the smell. At this point the water is really filthy. Your pump is being overworked, and you are probably going to need a lot of elbow grease to clean it. Make an appointment with yourself for fountain cleaning and stick with it. If you have an employee handle this make sure they know how to clean it and that it is indeed in their job description.

Keep Pump Submerged

Someone has to check the water level daily to make sure the pump stays submerged or it could ruin. Keep in mind that if filled with distilled water to begin with this is what you will need to use to maintain the water level.

Rinse, Rinse, Rinse

When the water feature gets cleaned, it is vital that every drop of dirty water and cleaning product is gone before refilling. So, you will need to rinse and empty a few times to make sure nothing is left behind and getting mixed in with the new water. 

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