5 Tricks to Make Your Fountain Last Longer

Posted on 17 January 2017

You wouldn't expect to get much use out of your car, if you didn't change the oil, replace the brakes, and give it the occasional tune-up right? Well, the same thinking applies to your water fountain. These gorgeous pieces are investments that can last an incredibly long time, if they are properly maintained. These tricks will help make your fountain last longer.


Proper Mounting

If you have a wall fountain, getting the mounting right is the first step in extending the life of it. These pieces can be quite heavy, so the use of proper anchors is important. The last thing you want is for it to come crashing down from the weight of the water as you are filling it.

Use Distilled Water 

If possible, fill your water feature with distilled water. This will prevent hard water stains, so you won't have to scrub them away. If this is not a practical solution, there are fountain treatment products you can use. They work with regular tap water.

Never Use an Abrasive Cleaner 

You may look at a material like slate and assume that because it's natural and durable, you can scrub away at it. Unfortunately, even this strong material can be dulled by an abrasive cleaning product or rough sponge. In most cases, a solution of white distilled vinegar and or mild dish soap and water will do just fine. Hard stains may need the use of calcium lime remover.

Check the Water Level Frequently

Water evaporates so your water level will constantly drop. As a rule, the water also evaporates significantly faster in dry environments created by running the heat and air conditioning. The pump needs to remain submerged all the time, so get in the habit of checking the water daily. Keep in mind that if you fill your fountain with distilled water to start, you will also need to use this type of water to top off the level.

Pay Attention to the Pump 

The pump is the heart of the fountain. It is easy to forget about because it is hidden, but without it, you have no cascading water flow. It needs to be cleaned frequently. A retired toothbrush will help get into all the small crevices. Make sure you run soapy water through the tubing and rinse well. Understand that similar to your car, pumps and hoses can wear out. When shopping for replacements get one comparable to the factory option for best results.

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