6 Design Elements You Didn't Know Your Bedroom Needed

Posted on 17 January 2017

The visual display that your bedroom provides is certainly important, but the feeling it gives should ultimately dictate design decisions. If you want a room that feels and looks its best, include some of these fabulous design elements into the space.


Exciting Patterns 

Some people avoid patterns because they just don't know what to do with them. The problem is that if you have multiple colors in your room then you essentially just have blocks of color, but nothing linking them altogether. A pattern can tie them together nicely. Plus, if the first thing you see in the morning is an exciting pattern it might help you wake up a little easier.

Wall Water Features 

Contrary to what you may believe wall water features are not reserved for the living room. You need a focal point in your bedroom, so you might as well create one by using an element that will be beneficial to the space. Wall water features clean and moisturize the air, and the sound will help you fall asleep.

A Touch of Romance 

Whether you are a guy or gal, single or in a relationship, you can use an element of romance in your bedroom. This could be something subtle like a heart-shaped box on your dresser or a small heart painted in the corner of your mirror, or you can go with something a little bolder, such as a blanket with hearts or lips on it or a "LOVE" wall decal.

Something Unique 

Every space can use something that is just a little peculiar. A headboard painted on the wall or a tree stump nightstand are a couple ideas.


Like wall water features, folks tend to have all of their plants in other main rooms of the home. The bedroom is a great place for plants. You simply have to consider the amount of direct sunlight the bedroom receives daily when making your selection.


A rug can really transform the look of a room on its own. For example, you have a pretty simple room with a solid comforter and shades on the windows and you really don't have it in the budget right now to go all out decorating. No problem! A fun, patterned rug will create depth and offer a level of excitement the room was otherwise missing.

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