6 Mini Bedroom Makeovers

Posted on 17 January 2017

Have you fallen out of love with a bedroom you once adored? You look at this room every day, so it is common to lose interest, even if you did an exceptional job decorating. Considering this space is the first thing you see when you open your eyes in the morning and the last thing you see at night, it just makes sense to make sure it is inspiring. You don't necessarily need to invest in an entire remodel again. You probably just need a mini makeover to make the environment feel special again.


Modern Water Walls


Modern water walls have the ability to change the look and feel of an entire room. Add one of these artistic pieces to your space, and it may be all that is needed to fall in love again.

Wall Covering

Turn one wall into an extravagant focal point. You might want to do this with removable patterned wallpaper. You can even buy removable wallpaper in the form of a mural. Of course, if you are feeling artistic, you could turn a wall into a canvas and create your own masterpiece.

Patterned Rug

Maybe your room just needs a fresh pattern. This is a great opportunity to add a patterned rug, especially if you have mostly solids in your space. Keep in mind that you can mix patterns, too. As long as they complement one another, don't be afraid to add a patterned rug, if you already have some sort of print on your curtains or decorative pillows.


Many people assume they can't hang drapes, if they have window treatments. You absolutely can! There are plenty of decorative curtain rods that extend several inches from the wall, so there is space in front of the blinds for the fabric to freely hang. Keep in mind that curtains are not only for windows. You could always hang them behind your bed or even on either side of your bed.


Layer an abundance of pillows in a variety of sizes, prints, and textures on the bed. One big swipe of the arm can get push on the floor before bed, and it will really only take a few seconds to put them back in the morning. You could even buy fabric and sew some over pillows you already have. They don't have to be perfect. No one is going to inspect them.

Upholstered Headboard 

If you don't have a headboard now is the time to make one. This is easily done with fabric and a canvas. You can use a sheet of thin wood, as well, and just put a layer of cushioning on it.

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