7 Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Your Fountain

Posted on 17 January 2017


Every fountain owner will need to follow a unique cleaning schedule. Someone you know may need to clean their water feature every six weeks, while you might be able to go three months. It is important to also note that your cleaning schedule can change based on season, as well. Understanding the factors that affect your wall feature will make fountain maintenance and care a little easier.




Many people do not realize that the water in a fountain actually cleans the air as it moves. It neutralizes ions and absorbs the dust. So, if you live on a dirt road, then when you have your windows open in the spring and summer, your fountain will probably need cleaning more frequently.

Pet Dander

Water also attracts dander. This may become a bigger issue in the spring while your animals are shedding, especially if you brush them inside. When you brush them, you loosen skin, and every time they shake off dander goes flying through the air. If you can, try to brush them outside or in another room.


Whether you smoke cigarettes or have a wood-burning fireplace, smoke and chemicals in the air are going to be absorbed by the water. If you frequently wash nicotine off your walls, then you will probably need to clean your fountain a little more often.

Hard Water

Hard water and fountains are not friends. All that scale you scrub off your faucets is the same thing you will deal with in the fountain. Ideally, you will use distilled water. This is the best solution. Distilled water has no minerals that are responsible for hard water deposits. If using distilled water is not an option, use a fountain treatment. It will work with regular tap water to help prevent hard water stains.

Direct Sunlight

If you have a fountain that is across from a window where it gets full afternoon sun every day, your water will get dirty faster.

Turning Off 

Fountains are designed to run 24 hours a day. If you turn it off when you leave for work or go to bed the water has the opportunity to get stagnant. Then, the pump has to work harder to clean it, when it's turned back on.

Dirty Pump 

Make sure you don't neglect your pump. It has a big job to do. It's not a bad idea to clean the pump and tubing an extra time between fountain cleanings.

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