7 Helpful Tools for Cleaning Your Fountain

Posted on 17 January 2017

Cleaning a water feature is not a hard job, but it is one that can be made a little easier than you might be imagining, if you use the right tools. You might not need everything on this list, depending on the type and size of your particular water feature, but having some of them will definitely come in handy.Shop Vac - You will not appreciate what a huge difference a shop vac makes during the cleaning process until you actually use on firsthand. Being able to suck up every drop of the dirty and rinse water will make cleaning your water feature so much easier. If you have a large piece, this is definitely a tool you will want to invest in.


Waterproof Cloth 

You want to protect the floor from any accidental water spillage. Although most can clean a fountain without spilling a drop, it's always better to be safe. Ideally, you will move nearby furniture, electronics, and décor pieces away, but if you can't for some reason, cover them with a waterproof cloth of some sort.


An easy way to drain your fountain is using a garden hose to create a siphon. If you have a very large water feature, or are having one custom made, you may want to consider having an internal drain added. This will make cleanup even easier.


A 5-gallon bucket can be used to carry water outside or to a drain, if you are emptying it manually. It is important to make sure that you do not fill it all the way, or it will be very heavy to carry, and there is a good chance you will spill some.


An old toothbrush will definitely come in handy for cleaning the pump. There are lots of crevices that attract buildup, and a pump can't properly do its job unless it is clean.

White Vinegar

In most cases white distilled vinegar and water will be all that you will need to clean your fountain. Some people prefer to use mild dishwashing soap instead. For stubborn scale, a calcium lime remover may be needed.

Soft Sponge or Cloth

It is very important to never use anything abrasive to clean your fountain. Even slate can be dulled by an abrasive cleaner or scrubber. Always use a soft sponge or cloth.

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