7 Steps to an Eclectic Foyer

Posted on 17 January 2017

Forget everything you have ever been told about decorating a foyer. The newest trend is breaking all the rules. An eclectic foyer can be a lot for a person to initially take in as they come through the door, and if you go too overboard it can be a little uncomfortable. So, although you want the space bold and unique, you also want it to be welcoming and comfortable.


Create Definition

Eclectic foyers work best with homes that have a well-defined entry. If your front door opens directly into your living room, you don't want a patch with an eclectic theme leading into a room decorated completely different. However, if you really want to create this look, you can define a foyer using curtains on rods suspended from the ceiling.

Large Wall Mirror

This will be appreciated by anyone entering the house. You will also appreciate being able to make sure you look presentable before opening the door. A large mirror will also create a considerable amount of depth in the space, and make it appear larger.

Large Scale Wallpaper

If you have had your eye on wallpaper with a large print for a while, the foyer gives you the perfect opportunity to use it. The keyword there is "large." A small print will make this space feel very busy.

Crystal Chandelier

Your chandelier does not have to be huge nor does it need to be real crystal, but it should be fabulous. This will offer a nice contrast to any modern elements you add to the space.

Wall Mounted Fountains 


You need an element that is attractive enough to not get lost in an eclectic space, but thoughtful enough to help one transition from a busy, hectic world into your tranquil home. Wall-mounted fountains are perfect. You might as well greet guests with an art piece so spectacular it will stop them in their tracks.


Although you can place a bench here, consider stepping out of your comfort zone with a vanity. You already have a large mirror mounted, so a vanity is a perfect complement. A vintage black vanity paired with hounds tooth stool seats, and a flower arrangement or unique plant on top will be perfect. If guests need to sit to put their shoes on or take them off they can simply pull the seat out a little.

Splash of Color

Black and white are popular to use in a foyer because it's an easy combination to work with. This is fine to do, but you really need a splash of color. A raspberry rug or lime green lamp shade on the decorative lamp you have on the vanity are a couple ideas. You can also include a hint of color in the wallpaper. 

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