Benefits of a Logo Water Wall in Your Business

Posted on 17 January 2017


Have you recently visited some type of business with a water fountain on display? Perhaps the second you laid eyes on it you were hypnotized by its beautiful visual display and sound. You may have even asked the business owner where it was made and how much it cost, wondering secretly if this is what your business has been missing for so long. Not sure if a logo water feature is right for the lobby of your business? Below are a few benefits you'll appreciate from putting one on display. 



Can you think of a better way to welcome your customers, clients, and patients? A logo water wall in your lobby will ensure they leave the weight of the world at the door and enter in a calmer state. This will also set the tone for their entire visit, and make it a more positive experience, even if they are not visiting under exciting circumstances, such as getting treated for a sprained ankle or having their taxes done. 

Mental Snapshot

Since the water feature is the first thing they will see when they walk through the door, their mind will take a snapshot of your logo or business name. The individual may not even notice the logo as they stop to gaze at the beautiful display. They may simply appreciate the movement and sound of the water, but the mind works in mysterious ways and sees things you are not aware of. This makes the water feature a powerful marketing tool, because the individual is far more likely to remember your business name to provide a referral. 

Lasting Impression

Hopefully your guests leave feeling pleased with their experience. Having a logo water wall in the lobby will remind them one more time why they chose to do business with you. Even if you have a medical practice, and they are leaving sick or in pain, you want them to be happy with your services, despite how they feel about the  circumstances regarding their visit. 


Having a logo water wall made is easier than you probably think. Here at Luxe Water Walls we make it virtually effortless to add a powerful marketing tool and dynamic piece of art to your lobby. Our team of professionals handles all the hard work. All you have to do is pick your fountain and supply a file with your logo. You will receive a proof before the logo is added, so you can be sure the final product will be exactly what you have in mind. 

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