Sell Your Home Faster with These Unique Features

Posted on 17 January 2017


You may be at the point where you think that your home is never going to sell. From the beginning you were likely told the market was challenging to sell, but you did not think it would be this hard. Maybe you have even seen similarly priced houses near you that have already sold, and you can't figure out why your home hasn't yet. Well, before you give up or decide to drop your asking price too much, you may want to consider adding a unique feature to it. You probably don't really want to invest money into a place you are leaving, but it could be the competitive edge your home needs to help it stand out from the others.


Customized Water Features

It is really hard to walk through a home, and not want to picture yourself living there when you come face-to-face with a one-of-a-kind fountain. Customized water features are designed from your vision. You get to choose the color, size, material, trim, etc. When potential buyers walk in they will instantly feel soothed  by this gorgeous display, and when they learn the customized masterpiece is staying in the home they will be even more excited about putting an offer on it. 

Window Treatments

Quality window treatments are very attractive to a buyer because they are something they will need to buy anyway. At least if the home already has them they will not have to schedule an appointment for a quote and install, and add them in their spending budget for decorating. You can never go wrong with plantation shutters or those which open by remote control. Some manufacturers offer a transferable warranty, which is also very attractive to buyers.


If there is a spare room, reading area, finished basement, etc., that may get used as a library or office anyway, you can install floor to ceiling shelves and a sliding old-fashioned library ladder. Even if the new homeowners never use it, they won't be able to deny how much mystery the ladder brings to the space.

Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace  

A home is really not complete without a dancing flame. However, you will find a large percentage of folks today have no desire to burn wood. Plus, you probably don't want to start knocking out walls to install a wood-burning fireplace. A recessed bio ethanol fireplace will definitely be a feature that will grab their attention. It will be easy for them to close their eyes and picture living there when they feel the warmth of the fire.

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