Easy and Simple Ways to Stage Your House

Posted on 17 January 2017


Years ago, realtors would go out-of-the-way to make a house appear as glamorous as possible. Nothing about the staging was realistic. A fully set dining room table and a bathroom with fanned towels and seashell soap do not exactly scream "This is your home!" Buyers today are looking for a house that they can picture themselves and their family and pets living in. It should be classy but comfortable; they should feel right at home the moment they walk in the door.


Herb Garden

The smell of freshly baked cookies may have once lured people in, but folks these days are more health conscious. Not to mention, people may wonder what odor you are trying to cover up. a small herb garden in the kitchen near the window makes you want to snip some off and put that kitchen space to use cooking dinner.


Slate is about the most desirable material available today. No one can get enough of this ancient material and no two pieces are ever alike, so it offers a unique look. Slate is sophisticated yet warm and inviting. Not to mention, it is incredibly durable. Slate counters in kitchens are wonderful, but before you do a remodel, keep in mind you may not see a full return on investment. A slate wall fountain is more practical! 


Since you want people to imagine themselves living in your home, you need to make it a little less personal. Having a few family photos out is fine, but a shrine of photos, graduation caps, awards, etc., covering a wall is hard to overlook. For this reason you want to take it easy on holiday decorations, regardless which holiday it happens to be. Remember that a potential buyer may not celebrate the same holiday as you. 

Spruce Up the Outdoors

Just because you are moving does not mean you can slack on the landscaping. Do not plant  bunch of exotic flowers because a buyer may have no interest in maintaining them. If you do plant anything, choose native species. Trim the hedges, pull the weeds, and make the space appear welcoming with a hammock or fountain. You may even want to have the realtor light your gel fireplace on the deck before buyers arrive.   

Finishing Touches

There are a few small things that you may want to buy, if you do not have them already. Replace those ugly, worn mats at the door with some that will give a strong first impression. Toss a throw blanket on the back of the couch for a cozy touch and replace any old faucets, handles, and fixtures with more modern ones.

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