Design Ideas for the Top of the Stairway

Posted on 17 January 2017

If you look at a big blank wall or an empty space when you reach the top of the stairs, you are certainly not alone. Most people agree that this is the one area of the house they have not decorated because they just do not know what to do with it. Do you really even need to decorate it? Does anyone even care? Well, you don't necessarily need to, but you will feel differently every time you walk up the stairs. Not to mention, you may be more likely to show off the second floor, when you give guests the grand tour, if you have an attractive display at the top of the stairs.


Water Walls


You may have never considered shopping for water walls for the stairway in the past, but right about now you are probably wondering why you haven't. This is especially ideal, if your bedroom is upstairs because it will help your mind transition to a quieter environment, so you can fall asleep easier. Plus, many have LEDs to provide a bit of light. If your bedroom door is nearby, you'll be able to listen to the cascading water as you fall asleep. If a child's room is nearby, it will help them drift away, as well.

Large Plants

A large plant will be the perfect complement to a water wall. There are plenty of plants that flourish in low light, such as the snake plant, lucky bamboo, dracaena, and many others. Considering you are often looking up the staircase it only makes sense to suspend a glamorous chandelier from the ceiling as a floating centerpiece.

Wall Decals

If the wall you come face-to-face with is just a bit too small to really do anything with a vinyl decal may be your best option. This would be a great place for an inspiring quote or something tranquil like a tree and birds.


You have had your eye on one particular paint color for months, but have nowhere to incorporate into the house. Why not use this wall? It is separate from other rooms, and it is not touching the living room, so it doesn't have to match your main living space.  

Coat Hook

Are you tired of the kids dumping all their coats at the front door or on the chairs at the kitchen table? If you don't have a formal entryway or mudroom then coat hooks at the top of the stairs might be a good idea.

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