Do's and Don’ts of Water Features Maintenance and Care

Posted on 17 January 2017

If you are like most then just the thought of water feature maintenance and care is a little overwhelming. To some, it can even be terrifying. It doesn't have to be scary or difficult though. Keep this guide of do's and don’ts handy, and you will find the process to be a whole lot easier.


■  Do Create a Cleaning Schedule

You never want to let a fountain get to a filthy state or it does become a chore to clean. You also don't want to put it off another week until it's been over a month that you have been doing this. Create a schedule, add it to your calendar, and stick with it.

■ Don't Use Abrasive Cleaning Products

It doesn't matter how dirty your water feature is; you never want to use a harsh sponge. Even slate can be damaged with these products.

Do Pamper Your Pump

The pump is the heart and soul of your beautiful art piece it may not be attractive and it is easy to neglect because no one sees it, but if it's not cleaning thoroughly it can't do its job..

■ Don't Turn Off the Power

Turning off the pump allows the water to get stagnant. This makes it harder for the pump to do its job and forces you to clean much more frequently. You may think you are extending the pump's life, but you are actually shortening it.

■ Do Check the Water Level Daily

It is very important that the water level be maintained. The pump must be fully submerged to do its job. You may assume you only need to add water once a week because that's all that was needed in the summer, but you may find you need to add more every few days while running the furnace in the winter because of the dry air.

Don't Refill After Cleaning Until Old Water is Removed

You may not think it is a big deal to add fresh water when there is still some suds in the bottom, but it is. This introduces foreign elements to the clean water, thereby throwing it off balance. Not to mention, there could be a little dirt, scale, etc., mixed in with those suds. It only takes a few extra minutes to make sure it is completely empty before refilling.

■ Do Use a Water Treatment Product

If you are not using the recommended distilled water then you should be using a water treatment product that works with tap water to protect against scale. 

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