Essentials that Make Fountain Maintenance and Care Easier

Posted on 17 January 2017

Fountain maintenance and care is already easier than you are probably imagining. You will have a really hard time trying to find anyone who says it is harder or more work than they anticipated. Most people say that had they known cleaning one was not the all-day chore they imagined, they would have gotten one a lot sooner. Well, if you want to make caring for your water feature even easier, consider these helpful essentials, as well.


Drain Pump

You are probably imaging scooping out countless pitchers of water into 5-gallon buckets that you need to then carry outside or to the tub, especially if you have your eye on a large fountain. If you put a drain pump in the trough all the water can be emptied through it, which means you can just use a hose.

Internal Drain Pump

If you think that having a drain pump is a brilliant idea then you will really get excited over an internal drain pump system. This system gets connected to plumbing in your wall space for even easier water drainage.

Auto Fill Float Valve

With this mechanical water valve you will not have to actually remember, or be around, to check the water level daily. This is ideal for those who do a lot of traveling, or for businesses that are closed on the weekend. The valve gets installed in the trough and maintains the water level as evaporation occurs. An accessible shut-off valve is necessary.

Fountain Maintenance Products

Special treatments can be added to the water to help prevent hard water stains. The alternative to using these products is to only fill your fountain with distilled water. Additional maintenance products you may find handy include:

  • CLR - Calcium lime remover will remove those problem spots on your fountain. You may be tempted to use a scrub brush, but this can scratch glass and mirror, and even dull slate.
  • Algaecide Solution - This kills present algae populations and prevents future growth.
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner - If the trim on your fountain is stainless steel, use a high-grade cleaner on it, making sure not to get any in the water.
  • Jazz Window Cleaner - This product can be sprayed on the surface of glass or mirror, and it will help the water flow better.
  • Toothbrush - An old toothbrush or pipe cleaner will get in all the crevices of your pump to make sure that it is clean.

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