Things a Plastic Surgeon's Waiting Room Needs

Posted on 17 January 2017

It does not matter if someone has an appointment scheduled with a plastic surgeon for health or purely cosmetic reasons, they usually sit in a waiting room very excited, nervous, anxious, unsure, and a number of other feelings. The thought of having surgery is already scary enough, but knowing that the surgery will result in a cosmetic change is even more terrifying. This is why it is so important to make your patients feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they come through the door. This is easily accomplished by creating the right environment in the waiting area.


Thoughtful Seating Arrangement

Some patients visiting your office may feel self-conscious about their appearance already. This is especially true if a burn victim or someone who has suffered a trauma. The last thing they need is a room full of people looking up at them as they walk through the door. If you can, try to position the furniture in a way that minimizes this reaction every time the door opens.


Anyone who walks through a parking lot on a windy day will greatly appreciate a mirror being immediately available as soon as they come through the door. If you have a foyer or have separation from the waiting room, put the mirror out there. Otherwise, put it close to the door behind a room divider or pretty curtain hanging from the ceiling. This will provide privacy. No one is going to want to use the mirror, if everyone can see them.

Glass Logo Fountains

Cascading water is the most effective element to use to make someone feel at ease. The sound and visual display work together to calm the mind and relieve anxiety. Glass logo fountains are ideal because glass offers a very sterile look, which is typically preferred in medical practices. The logo will be imprinted in their mind, even if they don't actually realize they are seeing it when they look at the fountain. When someone asks where they went for their consultation the name of the doctor or practice will roll off their tongue without a second thought.


An electric or bio ethanol fireplace is the perfect complement to your glass fountain. Bio fuel offers a realistic fire, but electric costs just pennies per hour to operate. If you do get an electric one, choose one that allows you to turn the heat off, so you can just enjoy the visual display in the summer.

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