Tips for a Timeless Modern Revamp in the Kitchen

Posted on 17 January 2017

You have been talking about revamping your kitchen for years, so what's stopping you? This is the room where most memories are made with friends and family. Whether you are baking cookies with the kids on a snow day or catching up with an old friend over coffee this is where you are. If any room in the home deserves to be revamped it's this one. If you remodel and redecorate frequently then maybe you prefer to use the latest trends. If you don't plan on doing anything with this room again for a very long time, you can make it modern while still keeping it timeless.



If you don't have an island now it is time to add one, if you have the floor space. If you live alone or have a very small family the right island can double as your kitchen table. Add a few stools, and this will become the natural gathering point for everyone.

Pendant Lighting 

Pendants are the perfect complement to an island. These lights come in a wide variety of styles. A clear glass school house pendant can be both modern and classic.

Large Slate Water Walls 

In the past, you really didn't hear of many people putting water features in the kitchen. This décor tip is becoming very popular. So, although large slate water walls in the kitchen can be considered a trend, the display they offer is timeless. This is the perfect complement to slate counters, or if you want to incorporate slate into the space, but want a different material used for your counters, this is an easy way to do it.


Tiled backsplash is a must. You don't have to stick with putting it only on one wall behind the stove either. A very sophisticated display can be created by using backsplash on multiple walls. Carrara marble art subway-like tile will add a ton of dimension to your space.

Range Hood 

A range hood might inspire you to cook more and break out of your comfort zone with challenging recipes simple because it makes you feel confident and cool just to be near it.

Mismatched Table Set

If you need to have a table and chairs in the kitchen, consider a mismatched set. Contrary to popular belief, your table and chairs do not all have to match. You could also go with bench seating on two walls in a corner, add a farm-style table, and chairs on the other sides.

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