Ways to Create a Stylish and Welcoming Entryway for Your Business

Posted on 17 January 2017

When people arrive to your business, you want them to feel welcomed. You also want to start their time in your establishment on the right foot. When decorated thoughtfully, an entryway can make the person confident they are going to have a positive experience. Otherwise, they form a negative opinion based on a first impression, and you have to work harder to ensure they leave happy. This is why an entryway is such a crucial area to a boutique, restaurant, or spa. You have a lot of competition; you want to make sure your customers and clients are returning to you.


Water Fountains 


Using water fountains for the entryway makes it easy to make a positive first impression. The cascading water is as pleasing to the ears as it is the eyes. A water feature placed in your entryway will instantly make a new guest feel like they are exactly where they should be.

Absorbent Mat 

You may not think about the rug in front of your door, but the first time someone slips on a wet floor caused by rainy and snowy boots, you will wish you had bought a more absorbent mat. Make sure it is either heavy enough to stay in place or has no-slip/grip material on the bottom.

Coat Rack 

Not all businesses will need a coat rack, but some will benefit greatly from one. A spa, nail salon, cozy café, medical practice, and accounting office are a few examples.

Vinyl Wall Words 

Vinyl decals are available in an array of designs. Maybe you want to put an inspiring quote on the wall. Perhaps the word "welcome" with a couple bird decals flying on either side will suit your business nicely. If you have a small yoga studio, you might want the words "Please Remove Shoes" above a large mat.


You don't have to be vain to appreciate a mirror right inside the doorway. Whether you want to make sure you hair isn't standing on end from the wind or you need to check your teeth after eating lunch on the run in the car, you probably appreciate when there is a mirror available. This is how visitors to your business will feel.


If you have a little extra space it does not hurt to put a bench there. Whether someone is standing in the entryway to finish a phone conversation or to wait for their significant other parking the car in the rain, they will appreciate a bench to sit on for a moment.

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