Ways to Create an Interior that Inspires Serenity

Posted on 17 January 2017

After an exhausting day wouldn't it be nice to come home to a retreat-like environment where you feel pampered the second you walk through the door? You should be able to leave the stress of the world outside and enter a place where your mind can be peaceful. It may be hard to believe, but creating a tranquil environment is a lot easier than you might think, especially if you are willing to give the room a fresh makeover. When you walk into a place that just makes you feel good, you have created a space that can nourish the body, mind, and soul.


Rethink Your Furniture

Evaluating your furniture goes beyond deciding if you can deal with feeling the springs in the cushions much longer or shopping for covers to hide the stains. How does the furniture look and feel in your space? Did you buy furniture set because it was trendy at the time? Does it reflect your personality? You also need to evaluate the placement of the furniture. The primary piece should be inviting and award a commanding view of the door. If you have space to float furniture, then do it, but not if it means that sitting in the primary piece will put your back to the door.

Evaluate Your Color Palette

You might love that bold accent wall, but is it a color that is affecting your mood? If you are creating a tranquil space stick with shades that will calm your mind. This does not mean you are restricted to beige tones though. If you look at Sherwin Williams paint swatches, check out Composed, Coastal Plain, Raindrop, and Thistle. They are just a few of the many gorgeous colors that have a calming effect.

Water Fountains Made of Slate


A water element is the single most important thing you can buy for your living space. Water fountains made of slate bring a natural, inviting, and comfortable vibe to the space they occupy. The sound alone instantly relaxes the mind. The intricate patterns in slate add depth to the room, and the water evaporation helps combat dry air.

Meditation Space

If you have a corner or small area in your room create a meditation space. You have no excuse to not meditate daily when you have a space ready for you. Add a small alter, cushion and anything else you like to use.

Calm and Simple Elements

Maybe it's time to part with that frightening abstract piece you have never really understood anyway. If you have a slate fountain then you already have a focal point. Skip the flashy art and go with simple things. A glass or bamboo bowl with a few river stones or crystals will make a nice centerpiece for your dining room or coffee table. Float a fresh flower in a bowl of water or go to your local nursery for some air purifying plants. 

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