What's Wrong with My Fountain?

Posted on 17 January 2017

Your water feature is probably your favorite element in the entire house. You rely on it to create a tranquil and healthy environment while also acting as a stunning focal point. So, if it all of a sudden it is not working properly, you want it fixed as soon as possible. This troubleshooting guide will help you determine what the problem is.


White Stuff on Fountain

That white stuff is scale, otherwise known as lime deposits, hard water stains, and mineral deposits. This is the most common issue folks complain about. If you use regular tap water, you will deal with these spots because they are caused by the minerals in tap water. There are two solutions. First, you can use distilled water. The distilling process removes all these minerals. Second, you can use a fountain product that works with regular tap water to prevent scale.

Spitting Sound

If you hear a spitting sound it is coming from your pump. The first thing to check is the water level. The pump needs to be completely submerged. If the pump is even slightly above the water level you will hear a spitting sound. Make sure you check the water level frequently. It will decrease because of evaporation and need more water added. If the water level is fine, your pump could need cleaning. Check the tubing, too.

Vibration Noise

If the pump is loud or seems like it's vibrating there is a good chance that it is placed too close to the side of the basin. Try moving it over a little. If it is still vibrating try putting soft silicone or rubber under it to stop it from vibrating against the bottom.

Water Not Flowing Properly

There are a few reasons why the water may not be flowing properly, including:

●     Not Level - If you just mounted your water feature, turned it on for the first time, and found the water not flowing properly it is probably not level. Proper mounting is imperative. If it is even tilted a little it can affect water flow. You don't want to have to empty it just to adjust, so make sure it is level before you fill it.

●     Buildup - Even the oil from finger prints on the fountain's face can compromise water flow. Turn it off and wipe the face. Make sure the ducts at the top where the water flows through are not clogged with buildup, too.

●     Started Improperly - For some reason, the water flow may not start properly, when you first turn it on after cleaning. Drops of water follow a path. So if the first drop starts wrong the rest will follow. Use a clean finger to guide the water flow, if necessary.

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